Did You Know that April is OT Month?

Springtime brings fresh beginnings so let this season be the start of something new for you and your family! Spring cleaning isn’t only for your house- It’s also the perfect  time to “cleanse” your body and mind to reach your health and wellness goals! 

Occupational Therapy (OT) Overview

If you’re wondering, “wait a minute, what exactly is occupational therapy?” then you are certainly not alone! It seems like most of our patients and community partners know all about physical therapy, but when faced with this perplexing therapy service term, many people ask, “Isn’t occupational therapy related to your job?” and that may be true for many patients! However, an occupational therapist (OT) determines the best overall therapy treatment plan, utilizing specific tools such as durable medical equipment (DME), technology and other aids to help you reach your goals. If living life is your job, then OTs strive to make you the #1 employee! 

OT is an amazing and all-encompassing therapy service that:

  • Helps you return to the life you love!
  • Serves as your daily living activities and routine guide, pinpointing your goals and how to reach them!
  • Works to address your unique clinical condition while adapting your home, other environment(s) and habits to fit what you need –NOW! 
  • Is focused on long-term wellbeing and wellness.
  • Unique in the way our team addresses your needs and goals –focused on how you want to live your life!
  • AND it's safe, clinically proven to make a difference and remains cost-effective. 

First Step with Mobility Rehab

With our team at Mobility Rehab, everyone will always start with a full evaluation so that your OT can learn more about your needs, goals, strengths, and challenges, while collecting information about your medical history, health status and other important details. This includes taking a look at activities of daily living (ADL) that currently challenge or limit you. Here are a few examples of ADLs that you or a loved one may have in mind: 

  • Play with your grandchildren when your family comes over! 
  • Take walks and move around the house better.
  • Adjust self-care and personal hygiene routines so you can be as independent as possible.
  • Changes to meal preparation planning and other household chores. 
  • Simplify financial or other organizational tasks. 

These realistic goals are great examples of how simple it can be to improve quality of life, starting NOW! 


Keep reading and learn how to win...in the next two weeks! 

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If you have ANY questions about how to enter, please email Crystal directly at: crystal.black@mobility-rehab.com.

*We will count all entries starting today - Monday, April 19th through Friday, April 30th at 5pm. The winner will be announced via Mobility Rehab's social media pages by Monday, May 3rd so make sure you get started TODAY! 

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*TIP: Our OTs can also address the lingering effects from COVID-19 or other similar symptoms that can impact your life. Call us TODAY at 352-565-4102 and give us code “PostCOVID10” to unlock your FREE consultation to find out if therapy may be right for you!

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon! 

Yours in Health,

Mobility Rehab Team