Reduce Risk of Falling with Balance Work and PT

Mobility Rehab Can Help You - Reduce Risk of Falling with PT

By addressing the fear of falling as well as the physical aspects with patients, having our licensed, expert Physical Therapy (PT) team connect with you, or someone you care about, is the key to feeling more at ease, safe, confident, mobile and strong as can be—while remaining as independent as possible!

Our therapists will help you address:

  • Posture
  • Flexibility
  • Align balance
  • Increase mobility
  • Improve strength, range of motion, flexibility and MORE!

These important areas of PT are all covered during customized therapy sessions, including target exercises and other treatments included in your designated plan of care. Whether in the clinic locations or in the comfort of your own home through our mobile therapy team and in-home services, our Mobility Rehab team is ready and waiting to welcome you into our patient family - it all starts with your initial evaluation! 

During the evaluation, your therapist will address all your risk factors related to falling and how you’d like to work on

  • Balance
  • Mobility
  • Strength building
  • Other target areas

Between the evaluation and your first therapy visit, your therapist will also guide you along checkpoints to test your baselines for overall strength, coordination, visual ability to scan and track, balance and range of motion. It’s the perfect time to ask any questions, bring any relevant medical documents or history (i.e., MRI, x-ray, physician summary/notes, etc.), your own notes to jog your memory—anything that you think may help your therapist help you!

Each therapy plan is based on your own individual needs and concerns. Take a look at these additional ways our therapists help patients take steps to prevent falls and build not only balance, but confidence and independence! 

  • Devices to Assist Gait and Mobility – this includes canes, walkers, scooter and other mobility devices. Your therapist can help address your current method or “work-around” and make sure you feel confident, comfortable and that the measurements are on point so that it’s the right fit for you!
  • Home Risk Assessment – many people are not aware of home hazards because it’s your home and second nature to you. Inviting an objective individual who is also a clinical expert and licensed therapist to fully assess the overall safety and functionality of your home, and how it affects you and your family directly, is a crucial step to ensuring your most personal environment is SAFE and helping build more confidence and ongoing independence through later adult years.
  • This home assessment is covered by insurance and your therapist will check for- everything from the lighting to loose rugs, carpets to reorganizing most-used items in the kitchen and bathrooms, as well as making note to add mobility or grab bars in the shower or fix the stairs! It is a very in depth evaluation, but call us today if you have ANY questions! Click here to contact our team! 

Whether you’d like for us to come to you at home or if you’d rather come to us in the clinic (click here to check out both our convenient locations in the Clermont area!), our team at Four Corners and Mobility Rehab is ready and waiting to help you and your loved ones live your best life now!

Call us TODAY at - 352-243-4422 - to speak with one of our patient care members about how to schedule a balance screening or to simply see if therapy may be right for you!