Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy Today!

Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy With Us!

First Step – Initial Evaluation

It’s important to come in prepared for your initial evaluation with one of our licensed, expert physical therapists so they can fully assess your situation, needs and goals. This includes bringing any relevant medical imaging summaries, copies, documents, or even your own notes if you have taken down anything about your physical pain, injury, other condition, etc. Examples include X-rays, MRIs, physician prescriptions, recommendations, medications, and anything else you feel may help our therapist evaluate your circumstances with you the best they possibly can. Any notes written down about when your symptoms got worse, pain increase, date of any injuries and any other details you can think of may truly help your therapist identify your condition and then communicate with you to customize a unique plan of care treatment program – just for you!

Here are a few ideas and pro tips to help you get the most out of your therapy with us! 

1. Set Goals: What do you want to be able to do after your treatment plan and rehab? It could be as simple as getting up from a chair more easily or being able to walk around the block with your spouse again. You may want to work toward being able to play a particular sport again, perform certain exercises better and correctly to prevent future injuries or…. you may be in pain and not exactly sure why, but you know you want to get better! These are ALL valid and real reasons to reach out to the Mobility Rehab team TODAY and set up your initial evaluation with one of our expert therapists. 

2. Keep Communication Open: By keeping honest and ongoing communication between you and your therapist, you are doing the right thing for you! It’s so important to your progress, getting the most out of your therapy and helping you make the best decisions for your care. Please feel free to ask questions and if something is not addressed enough for your needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the office anytime so we can assist. Remember: Your therapist is a wealth of knowledge and experience and here to help you achieve what you want! Live your best life NOW!

3. Consistency is Key: Just like most things in life, therapy is also best done when you stick with it! Don’t give up – show up, get up and do whatever you possibly can! Yes, that includes any recommended home exercises for homework also! We understand that there are good days and bad days, so if you are having a rough day and not ill, please still come into the clinic or allow our therapist to visit you in the home. They will understand and adjust to what is needed during each session so don’t be shy to communicate your “bad” day to your therapist. Don’t ignore your body’s signals if you are experiencing worse or more frequent pain and let them know about any changes in discomfort so they can fully assess the situation with you – and for you!

Pro Tips:

  • Dress for Success! Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, even if not exactly athletic and workout wear, but if you can easily move about and keep non-skid shoes, closed toe and no flip-flops please. You need to be able to move and stay safe throughout each session!
  • Keep a small journal or notebook with you or leave at home to jot down your thoughts, feelings, goals, and questions as you continue along your recovery journey. It may come in handy to bring up certain questions and ideas to your therapist throughout your treatment program. Whether it’s just for you or an active tool to utilize in sessions with us, keeping a PT journal is a great idea and…you can always add pictures to it later to save as your PT memento – reminding you anything is possible with hard work, a great plan, determination, help and clear direction!

Hope you enjoy our Pro PT Tips and don't hesitate to reach out to us and call: 352-243-4422 with ANY questions! We will have one of our awesome care coordinators speak with you ASAP. 

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Even if you're not exactly sure physical therapy is right for you, remember we are here to consult with you, listen to how you're feeling, what your current concerns are and then discuss different therapy care options with you! We are here for you! 

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