8 Things You Didn’t Know Physical Therapists Treat for You.

8 Things You Didn’t Know Physical Therapists Treat for You.

If you only think of physical therapy as only boring exercises, you don’t know physical therapy! Physical therapists are highly trained and skilled professionals who are versatile in the health care world.

Here is a list of 8 things you probably didn’t know that physical therapists do on a regular basis.

Urinary incontinence.

You do not have to suffer the embarrassment or inconvenience of urinary incontinence. Specially trained physical therapists offer private non-evasive treatments that have been proven to be very effective in reducing incontinence. Whether you are a man or woman, education and treatment by a physical therapist can change your life.

Lymphedema management.

Lymphedema, or localized swelling, resulting after damage to the lymph nodes can be life altering. Living with swollen arms or legs can present challenges from selecting clothing that fits to learning to move with extra weight. Physical therapists help people manage lymphedema using specialized skills to reduce swelling.

Vertigo rehabilitation.

Trouble with dizziness when you turn your head quickly or make sudden movements? Physical therapists can help train both the proprioceptive system (in your muscles and joints) as well as the vestibular system (in your ears). All therapists receive considerable training in treatment techniques.


There are times when the lack of mobility in a joint may be the source of pain or loss of motion. Physical therapists are skilled and licensed to perform joint mobilizations that facilitate mobility in joints. In other words, PTs are trained to “crack your back or neck” if needed, in addition to treating the muscles and nerve issues that may be resulting in pain.

Wound care.

Most people don’t know that physical therapists have quite a bit training in wound care. More than just changing bandages, physical therapists are able to evaluate wounds and determine the best strategies for healing.

Assess ergonomic health.

Whether you are working at a desk every day or in a factory, work conditions can cause long term chronic injuries. Physical therapists are experts at breaking down job tasks and determining the risks for developing injuries or disorders. Ergonomic assessments of your work environment as well as your performance of your duties can prevent injuries from occurring and physical therapists, with their extensive knowledge of the body, are the perfect professionals to help you.

Prevent injuries.

Speaking of prevention, preventing injuries is the best way to stay healthy. Physical therapists regularly work with athletes, workers, seniors and many others to design specific programs to strengthen and guard against injury.

Reduce headaches.

Chronic headaches? Physical therapy could be your first stop. Armed with vast knowledge of the muscles, nerves and patterns that can lead to chronic headaches, physical therapists can provide relief quickly. However, if a physical therapist is concerned that the problem may be more serious, he or she will be quick to refer you to the proper medical professional for further examination.

As you can see, physical therapy is not just for knee replacement surgeries and rotator cuff repair recovery. Instead, physical therapy offers a wide range of services that can help you restore function and/or prevent injury.

If you have any questions about what physical therapy can do for you, call your physical therapist at 352-243-9341 and set up an appointment today!