Mobility Rehabilitation, Inc. in Clermont, providing physical therapy services to residents of Central Florida including Groveland, Minneola, Davenport, Mascotte, and Monteverde, provides a wide range of services for our clients. Some receive care at our clinics, and we bring care to others in their homes or assisted living facilities. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Using the latest evidence-based physical therapies, we will work with you to solve issues impacting your musculoskeletal system from sprains, strains and fractures to painful conditions and post-operative issues.

Our approach is patient-centered. We take the time to conduct a thorough assessment of your injury or condition and prescribe a customized program of care and recovery that will not only speed your recovery but present recurring injuries.

Your prescribed therapy evolves and changes as you regain your strength and functionality.

Speech Therapy

Our team of experienced and expertly trained speech therapists work with patients having swallowing or communication difficulties by targeting specific muscles in the face, mouth and throat.

In this way, patients learn to regain oral motor control that is essential for swallowing and speaking.

Our goal is to promote independent living and speech therapists can help people re-acquire the skills they need to communicate or swallow in a different way.

Occupational Therapy

We provide occupational therapy to help you live as independently as possible even if you have been impacted by illness, injury or other circumstances.

Occupational therapy touches on self-care, work, and recreational activities to re-build participation in the crucial aspects of life.

We will also do a thorough evaluation of your daily living needs and determine what needs to be one to restore as much independence as possible.

Spinal Care – Low Back and Neck Pain

We are distinguished for our success in treating low back pain and neck pain that our patients believed they would be forced to live with forever.

Lower back pain is a debilitating condition that impacts more than 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives. Around the world, it remains the leading cause of disability and time missed from work and enjoyment of life.

Despite its impact, many effective treatments exist and we have acquired significant expertise in our physical therapy practice in dealing with this issue.

Neck pain is another serious condition that plagues hundreds of people every year. It can be from an injury like whiplash or from muscle strain, poor posture or certain diseases.

In addition to our physical therapy techniques we ensure that you have customized exercises to do yourself between visits.

Once the exact nature of your low back pain and neck pain is determined, we focus on finding ways to quickly reduce pain and inflammation and build up ease of movement and strengthen you to avoid recurring problems in the future.

Sports Medicine

Enjoyment of the sport of your choice is a key component of a full quality of life. When injury or conditions impede your game, we are here to help. We will work specifically on the injury once it has happened and then prescribe a program of care to ensure that it does not reoccur. We also encourage you to see us prior to the start of your favorite sport season so you can be conditioned specifically for your sport and prevent injury.

We work with recreational athletes at various stages of life, recognizing the importance of activity and exercise as key components of a healthy lifestyle.

Our goal is to first reduce pain and inflammation and determine if there is an underlying cause that precipitated the injury.

We know you don’t want to give up your active lifestyle and we provide customized programs of therapy to work with you and restore your strength so you can get back to the sport of your choice as soon as possible.

Pre and Post Surgery

Studies show consistently that physical therapy following joint replacement and other surgeries speeds recovery, reduces pain and hastens a more complete rehabilitation.

Following surgeries such as total joint replacements, low back and cervical surgeries, tendon or ligament reconstruction or repair we will work with your surgeon as a team to customized a program of recovery and rehabilitation for you.

We will help you regain your functionality as soon as possible and regain your normal level of activity as well as prevent recurring injuries.

Work Injuries, Work Conditioning, Work Hardening

Working as a team with your physician and Workers’ Compensation representative, we will help you recover from your workplace injury and return to your duties as quickly as possible.

There is sometimes a danger in returning to work after an injury that the sudden heightening of exercise can spur a re-injury. We will work with your doctor and Workers’ Compensation representative to develop a work conditioning or work hardening program that allows you to return to your duties in a reduced capacity until your healing cycle is complete.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

More than 40 percent of Americans experience dizziness at some point in their lives and for people 75 and over, it is a primary reason to seek physical therapy.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a special form of physical therapy that offers customized exercise to stabilize your gaze and gait stabilization. Most of them involve some degree of head movement.

Patients often experience significant recovery of their symptoms of dizziness.

Balance Issues and Fall Prevention

Your quality of life can be seriously impacted by balance disorders and dizziness and a bad fall can cause serious injury at any stage of life.

We provide balance training as well as risk assessments and prevention training to help you maintain independent and mobility as the years pass.

Signs of balance issues include frequent falls, vertigo, imbalance, dizziness and migraines.

Dizziness and imbalance issues can take away your independence and curtail your ability to live a full life. We have success using a variety of therapies that source the root cause of your problem and resolve it.

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