In-Home Rehabilitation

Mobility Rehabilitation, Inc. in Clermont, providing physical therapy services to residents of Central Florida including Groveland, Minneola, Davenport, Mascotte, and Monteverde, now offers pain relief, fall prevention, post surgery therapy and more delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Our team now sees patients in their home for therapy services.

This is beneficial to those who have a difficult time getting to an out-patient clinic due to mobility issues or lack of transportation and also for those who would simply rather have someone come to their home for treatment.

We now make relief easily accessible in our community!

Who qualifies for our in-home services?

Patients who prefer to be seen in the comfort of their own home.

Patients who have just had surgery and are needing home treatment for an allotted amount of time.

Patients who cannot travel to a clinic for rehabilitation and need assistance in the home or assisted living facility.

Patients with functional limitations or limitations with walking.

Patients who have falls or are at risk of falling.

Patients who want to become more functional with daily activities.

Families who need assistance with care and obtaining the needed equipment to adequately care for a loved one.

How do I schedule In-Home Rehabilitation Services?

Step 1: Make sure you have been fully discharged from any previous home health cases. If you have not, please find out your upcoming discharge date and let them know you will need proof of discharge.

Step 2: Call our office closest to you and speak with Hilary assistant administrator, who will record your intake information. Please make sure to have your insurance information readily available.

Step 3. Schedule your examination with Hilary in order to see one of our highly qualified physical therapists.

Insurances we accept

Medicare A (Through contact with multiple agencies)

Medicare B


Workers Compensation

Out of network medical insurance

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