For Patients

Your First Visit

Mobility Rehabilitation, Inc. in Clermont, providing physical therapy services, as well as occupational and speech therapy care, to residents of Central Florida - is distinguished for the continuity of care offered from clinic to home to the assisted living facility.

During your first visit with Mobility Rehabilitation at home or through one of our two clinics in Clermont, you can expect to receive a thorough evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms.

A customized program of care will then be set up for you and it is likely that your will receive some therapy at that first visit as well.

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring with you any notes from your doctor and a list of any prescribed or over the counter medication you take regularly.

Once you are our patient, we take pride that we stay with you to provide continual care, even if you transfer from being able to visit us in our clinic to needing us to visit you in your home or assisted living facilities.


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