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Gary Voigt

Treated for: Shoulder bicep surgery. Labrum, rotator cuff.

Very professional treatment. Highly recommended. Courteous, professional and caring. The friendly, knowledgeable and professional atmosphere pleased me most during my course of treatment at Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation. From the front desk to the therapists, everyone is extremely kind. I was fully informed about my injury and I made progress throughout the entire time. I highly recommend Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation.

Helen Daher

Treated for: Over the past 8 years I’ve been treated for many different things (knee, hip, shoulder and left leg)

You could not be treated by better people. They care about you not only for how you are treated for therapy, but also about you as a person. They listen to you and care about what you say. Their loving care and fitting the care to your needs pleased me most during my course of treatment at Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation. I feel I now have a room full of friends that care about me.

Hank Wiegand

Treated for: Foot and ankle pain caused by damage and disc removed at LA-L5-S1, thereby causing sciatic pain in my left leg and foot. I then fell and did damage to my left ankle.

When someone is in uncontrolled pain I recommend them to go to Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation. The constant encouragement and the personal attention given pleased me most during my course of treatment at Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation. I’ve been coming here for quite a while but I think I’m a lot better off than when I started.

Nancy Snopik

Treated for: Pain in head, neck, shoulders and right arm

My posture has greatly improved, helping me perform daily activities without pain.   If you are in anywhere on your body without relief, make the first stop and call FCHR.  Have an evaluation to see if you qualify for benefits and a trained therapist will advise you.  The organized flow of patients with the friendly individual attention per patient pleased me most during my course of treatment and I liked being able to ask any question I had about my condition and being answered in a way I could understand.  The therapist always had a smile for you and made you feel comfortable as she put you to work!


Treated for: Knee and shoulder after surgery rehab.

The care I was given during physical therapy was second to none. I was already a patient at another center prior to Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation and FCHR sets a higher standard in treatment and communication with the patient. Go and see the team at Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation if you want to get better quickly, experience a one on one atmosphere, have a training session geared toward your personal needs and job requirements and a caring staff that give you the tools to succeed. The rest is up to you. The way I was treated personally and professionally pleased me most during my course of treatment at Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation. Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation in Clermont is AWESOME!


Treated for: Right knee surgery

Working with Four Corners Health & Rehabilitation has improved my confidence. I would have never been able to get up and down steps without it. Before therapy I held onto everything, but now I’m more confident in my own abilities. Darla is a motivator and she motivates me. Everyone makes it easy to come in. Darla is always smiling, but she’s firm. She will not settle until she gets results.

Comments Included on Anonymous Patient Surveys:

“The location is close to my home and this made all the difference to me. Great staff – everyone was very nice, helpful and understanding.”

“All staff members are extremely knowledgeable and have wonderful personalities.”

 “They’ve really helped me with the pain and it has come down significantly. They’ve taught me things that are practical and work at this facility. They’re awesome and friendly.”

“The one on one is great. They provide a very comfortable environment and I like everyone’s energy. “

 “If needed by family or friends, I certainly would recommend Four Corners.”

“Great place for PT with wonderful and professional people.”

“You are all personal and very pleasant.  I would recommend you to anyone.”

 “I would recommend FCHR to anyone who needs PT.  The positive treatment, fun but professional HELP, is great!”

“I think this place is very nice and it is a great spot for PT.”

“I think this is the best facility in Florida!  You all are the BEST!”

 “FCHR made my PT experience a very pleasant one.  My improvement on mobility and pain was amazing!  Thank you so much!”

“You all are awesome, keep up the good work.”

“They’re always doing a great job and it is a very caring atmosphere.”

“You all are great! Keep it up!”

“You all have done a great job. I’m very pleased with your work”

“I have seen great improvement in myself since I have come here. I know I may never be able to do the things I used to but I have learned to be patient and overcome. Thank you ALL.”

“This is a great rehabilitation center.”

“Everyone is very professional and very friendly.”

“The personnel and the therapist are great.”

“Keep it up on the personality and loyalty. You guys are great.” J

“You are the best! I’m healed!” -LEK

“Everything at Four Corners is super! Especially the therapists themselves! They make you feel good about yourself!”

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